Increase Your Income By Increasing Your Influence and Impact: 8-Week Course

Build your Conscious, Authentic, Soul-Based Business by learning how to Brand You!

Don’t Wait for Some Day –

Live Into Your Purpose and Vision and Attract Cash and Clients Now 

Whether you are just starting out, or got stuck in the gap, not knowing how to implement what you have, let me help you get into inspired action and understand how to build your foundation, build your platform, and build your Tribe.

You start out with an answer to a calling. You have a Purpose and a Vision, or at least the beginnings of one. You have a message to share, and a journey that has created meaning in your life. What you want to do is serve others from this place, and you believe the Universe will support you in this.

And then you get stuck. Because you realize that in order to have the impact you want and do this thing that fully expresses who you are and why you are here, you need to have resources, and you need to have them now. I know the heartbreak of running an expensive hobby. I closed my first business after just 18 months. Then I invested in myself and my business, and I spent the next 18 months learning how to build first a thriving local business and then a global business online.

I am called to get you out in the world using your gifts and creating a life you love that supports you, and that is why this year I am committed to serving you even more specifically with my new programs and services.


“Michelle Barr’s workshop for Conscious Entrepreneurs has had a dramatic impact on my business. Michelle helped me to see what was working and what was missing and how to get all of the pieces working together. What I enjoyed most about this workshop was the combination of energetic work and guided visualizations with the practical business knowledge. I don’t know of anyone else who combines information and energy in the same way that Michelle does. I was struggling to create my business by myself, through Michelle’s teaching and individual coaching I finally feel like I am on the right path!” – – Dr. Minette Riordan


“It was so nice to be a part of your training program and to hear your weekly calls. I can honestly say that signing up for your program was the best thing I could have done for myself and my business. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with you up to this point, and hopefully moving forward as well.” – – Tara Favreau


In this workshop, I teach you to build the airplane while you are flying it.

I teach you 3 necessary steps you want to take to emerge as a Conscious Entrepreneur and make your impact in the world. During these 8 weeks together, I help you work on all three of these areas simultaneously and give you the exact action steps I took to get you into action and into business getting about your business right away.


Having these common elements that I am going to show you in place from the beginning will make all the difference in making money rather than struggling to get by.


MOVE from Fear to Freedom!

Build the Foundation That Will Allow You to Build the Penthouse!

Discover how to Translate Your Purpose Into a  Tangible, Step-By-Step Plan to Create Personal and Business Success!

Strategically Align with Your  Vision, Your Mission, Your Dreams and Your Truth!


Do you want to…?

  • Increase Your Influence
  • Make An Impact in the World
  • Increase Your Income
  • Create Meaningful Work
  • Manifest Miracles
  • Be of Highest Service

… and, most importantly, Bring More JOY into Your Life!

I definitely have learned and implemented a lot about building the “well-oiled machine” that had a huge impact on my business growth and my sustainability over the past two years. It made all the difference in making money versus struggling to get by. There are common elements of your system that make it work for you and your business, especially when expanding your reach by transitioning from a local following to a global following.

I will work with you on your website and the essentials you can put into place in just days that will start bringing you results. I will teach you to use social media the way I do, and it is how I get most of my business these days.

Regardless of all the differences in the people doing business in our industry, I found that the mentors, teachers and coaches I studied with and used to grow my business are all doing certain things in certain ways because they are working. I am going to teach these things to you, and because I am an expert at getting people into action and helping them deal with what comes up when they do, I am going to help you get moving forward quickly and support and guide you so you don’t get stuck, frozen, paralyzed or derailed.

This works, whether you want a local business or a global business. It works whether you want to grow big or start small. And, it works whether you want to move quickly or transition into it. These things I am going to teach you are things I wish I would have known several years earlier. They are things you can do now no matter when you are going to step out and do this work or how.

Join me and a committed group of spiritual teachers, thought leaders, transformational coaches, healers, and conscious entrepreneurs, and at the end of 8 weeks, you will have a unified system that coordinates and maximizes your efforts, saving you time and money in the process; all the pieces of the puzzle working together in a way that makes sense and is set up to bring you clients and income now; a plan of action so that you know what to do every day, every week, and every month all year long.

Don’t get overwhelmed here. We will build this together. All you will need to implement everything I teach you is:

  • a website
  • social media profiles
  • an e-mail system
  • a PayPal account

If you don’t have any of these, you can still benefit from this valuable information as you put these integral components in place, and I will give you the information and resources you need to get it done. By the end of the first 30 days, if not sooner, you will be ready to fully move forward using what I teach you.

This experience already has participants talking!

“LOVE IT!!!! You are incredible, Michelle. I feel so energized and supported. Wooohhooo! Thank u! :)”

“Michelle, this is one contribution from last night’s call that really excited me. I can’t believe that in all the years I’ve been hearing people speak about this and teaching LOA tools, I’ve never heard anyone teach this one. Thank you so much for this.”

“Michelle, I loved the first call. I always feel very strengthened when I listen to you. You are so grounded, so full of clear detailed, down to Earth information delivered in a passionate way. And your own examples are not so far beyond as to seem unattainable ( as with many mentors). You also share the real nitty gritty of your process. These are the kinds of thing beginners (or even not so beginners) in business need to hear. I so appreciate you and am very glad I joined this class.”

“Michelle, thanks for these great notes. I took constant notes while you were talking. I love how you organized your material, give so generously, are so grounded, complete, systematic, and positive.”

“Thank you for being so generous with your time and energy. You are very gracious.”

“I found the call to be SO HELPFUL, Michelle. It made me feel like ‘I really CAN do this” when lately I’ve been feeling kinda beaten down. You did a great job and I am looking forward to listening again.”

“Thank you for taking us all on this journey. I’m sure it will be magical!”

“I’m excited to be joining your program and this new community.”

“I lost my way a while ago by listening to too many people and not putting enough of me out there. I’m back on track and this group looks to be very supportive in that.”

“I spent A LOT of money on a business coach and while I got some value from it, I still feel like there’s more I don’t quite have a handle on. I’m ready for my next step, I think. Glad you’re there to walk there with me!”

“I am loving it! Michelle speaks right to where I am now and helps me find my way forward. Good job, Michelle!”

“All very helpful. I have been running into confusion and doubt every time I move forward with this process! Thank you! Thank you!”

“Really great call, Michelle. I think I have been slightly aware of how my energy management consistency is off, but this call really made me pay attention to a great degree. Thanks for another awesome call. Never a dull moment!  Oh, and… regarding the signature system, I was really suprised about what came up for me. It totally makes sense. Looking forward to spending more time with that.”

“You definitely helped me today, and I’ve been sketching out what I’m going to do based on that new idea.”

“Michelle helped me realize that I had a big gap in my funnel and I need to fill in with a couple of things. I am excited!!”

“In working with Michelle, I have been able to get so clear on the pieces that are missing in my business and where I need to expand/add/delete. I just created an entry-level workshop that will be super fun to create and that I can get paid for creating. Love this philosophy of Michelle’s to get paid to create!”


8-Week Course (20 Hours)

This course is ongoing and begins when you enroll. The course content is delivered to you digitally, along with support materials. You will have access to monthly live calls with Q&A and hot seat laser coaching and can submit questions to be answered whether you or on the call live or are going to listen to the recording. And you get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share experiences, and interact daily with me and others working through the course and this material. Extra resources are often made available to you through the private Facebook group, which you have continued access to.


-MP3 Downloads of Every Class Session for 8 weeks along with support materials, including key points outline

-Monthly Live Calls with training and time for Q&A and Laser Coaching

-Masterminding and Networking in a private Facebook group

PLUS RECEIVE THIS BONUS immediately and get started working on your website right away:

You will receive a downloadable mp3 of this 1-hour Teleclass recording: How to Make Your Website Work for You like A Well-Oiled Machine, and how having some common elements in place will make all the difference in making money rather than struggling to get by. Use this class to start implementing what I am teaching you before our live time together even begins. There is enough in this class in implementable action steps to keep you busy for up to 30 days.

And, because I reward fast action, I offer you this Pay In Full Bonus!



TAKE ACTION BONUS: Private Session with Michelle when you pay in full.



Your investment for all of this is $397.00

Pay Now: $397

or choose this 2-pay option of $200 now and $200 in 30 days

If you know this course is your best next step, if you know you want to do this, I encourage you to Take Action!

NOTE: If you sign up to work with me through my 90-Days to Transformation private coaching program, you are gifted into this Course.


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