EMERGE 2013 Book Project: Conscious Entrepreneur Collaboration

Dear Emerging Conscious Entrepreneur,

It is time to put your expertise in a book. Writing a book and getting it published to increase your visibility, become a sought after speaker and solidify your success is a great idea, and a huge amount of work.

Plus, life is busy and you may not have time to step away from your business to write a book and you probably won’t want to suffer the loss of revenue in the months it would take you to plan, write, and publish your book.

Providing inspiring speakers and subject matter experts like you turnkey solutions to get published and build a more profitable and sustainable business is Caterina Rando’s passion, and Thrive Publishing does exactly that. Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that we share with you an innovative, proven publishing program designed to support you in easily becoming a published author.

Writing a book, and getting it published, takes a lot of time and money and is a huge project. Still, nothing else says expert, experience or adds credibility and cachet like a book you can autograph and put in someone’s hand.

Even in our high-tech world full of podcasts, e-books and e-courses, being an author and having a traditional book still holds as much clout today as it ever has.

You will also find that being able to say you are a published author will give you more confidence, open more doors and always make a great first impression.

With this in mind, I am inviting you to be a co-author in the book titled EMERGE!

It is my intention to save you a lot of time and money plus provide you with a top-notch book you can use to promote yourself, your business and your public speaking ambitions.

As you can see, I am also including a lot of marketing/promotion tools and services that will ensure this book will raise your profile, add credibility and visibility, and grow your revenue. I look forward to your participation.

Now, here are the details!

Your EMERGE! Book Publishing Package includes:

  • Your chapter of 2200 words included in EMERGE!
  •  Your author page at the end of your chapter with a 190-word bio with your contact info, website and professional photograph
  •  Your name on the front cover with the other co-authors
  •  Your name and chapter title on the back cover with the other co-authors
  •  Review and feedback on your chapter draft from the copy editor
  •  Professional copyediting and proofreading services
  •  Professional front cover and back cover design and book layout
  •  Professional book formatting, layout, production and book printing
  •  300 copies of EMERGE! (more books available for a significantly discounted additional fee upon request at the time of printing)
  •  EMERGE! electronic distribution version (e-book and Kindle editions) available to you to sell for additional revenue
  • Library of Congress Control Number
  •  ISBN# registration
  •  Co-author project kick-off teleseminar on How to Easily Write an Great Book Chapter with publisher, Caterina Rando
  • Comprehensive writer’s guidelines, sample bios, sample chapters and a formatted master chapter template to assist you in easily writing an excellent chapter
  • EMERGE! electronic cover graphic jpg to promote your book through your website, ezines, social networking sites, eblasts and blogs etc.
  • Professionally written short book description you can use to promote your book
  • Professionally written one page book description you can use to promote and sell your book on your website
  •  Customized book order sheet you can use to pre-sell your book at events before the book comes out
  •  Electronic version of your chapter for promotional use
Co-Author Bonuses:
  • An EMERGE! Audio Product that you can use as an additional product to sell for unlimited revenue
  • A ticket to Caterina’s Business Breakthrough Summit Live Event
  • A ticket to Caterina’s Sought After Speaker Summit Live Event
  • 250 Postcards of the book cover for you to use to announce the release of the book and use to generate interest and attention
  • Branding, Website or Design Strategy Session with Brand Strategist and Master Graphic Designer Tammy Tribble


This is a project that I have created specifically with Caterina and Thrive Publishing for you. It’s one piece of my bigger launch this year of EMERGE 2013.
As a part of this project, you will be featured in my marketing, promotions and social media.
And not only that, but you will be featured in a special Live Event, EMERGE! in January 2014 in Dallas, Texas. You will attend the event as my guest, be featured as a co-author, have VIP seating, help host book launch-related events, speak on stage as part of a panel, and have the opportunity to sign and sell your book.
How many co-authors will be part of this book?

There will be twenty co-authors. Occasionally we have twenty-one.


Why should I do a book with other professionals instead of doing my own?

Let’s tell the truth. It is almost impossible to step away from your business long enough to write a whole book unless you have an advance from a major publisher. Even if you already have an agent and a completed proposal less then 1% of new author proposals are picked up each year. To go the route or writing a proposal, and then finding an agent and a major publisher you have to be willing to step away from your business and suffer the loss of revenue that the time away will cause.

There are several reasons to do a book with other authors. The biggest benefit of this kind of book is that it positions you as a top leader in your industry. Secondly, you benefit from the marketing efforts of multiple authors individually promoting the book, creating additional exposure for all, instead of only you promoting the book.

Also, the process of getting your book done is significantly expedited. All you have to do is write a chapter. You can do this in a few days. Writing a whole book takes a lot of time away from your current revenue-producing business activities.

Also your chapter will be professionally edited and in the time it would take you to write a few chapters you will have a book in your hand.

Plus our team provides you with considerable editing and marketing support.


How does this investment compare with doing my own self-published book?

For the same financial investment with one of the many self-publishing book houses you will only get a few books. Through being part of this joint project, we are printing over 6000 books, so the cost per book is significantly reduced. You would have to invest $20,000 to get the same low cost per unit that THRIVE™ Publishing is getting.

According to the eWomen Publishing Network publication Author Your Success, 2007 you could expect to pay the following for each aspect of the book process:

Editing                           $1,500- $3,000

Proofreading                       $500- $1,000

Book Interior Design          $2,000- $4,000

Cover Design                   $2,000- $4,000

$6,000 – 12,000

The fees above do not even include the printing. All of these expenses and printing are included with our project.

The other huge advantage to participating in this project is that you will save a ton of time. Doing your own book will take you a minimum of three months of writing, editing and book preparation. This means that you will not be generating revenue during that time. We have a whole team of professionals working on this project – a project manager, a copyeditor, proofreaders, a book designer, a graphic designer and a production manager, as well as my extensive experience and commitment to creating a professional high-quality, high content product.

Participating in this project is a very smart business decision.


What if I love the idea, I just do not have any time to write a chapter?

No problem. We have a great ghostwriter who can write your chapter for you for a reasonable fee. She can write your chapter from scratch, pull from your existing article or workbooks or interview you and then write up your chapter.


I want to participate, however I am not confident I can write a great chapter.

No problem. I act as your writing coach. I can help you build a chapter outline, review your material during the writing phase and help you turn in a strong chapter. Also copyediting and proofing is included for everyone.


Why should I work with you on this project?

As the bestselling author of Learn to Power Think, published by Chronicle Books, I know a lot about how to use a book to build your business.

We have published eighteen multi-author books and I have been a co-author in six books like this one (Give Stress a Rest, Direct Selling Power, Incredible Business, Woman Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire and Socially Smart and Savvy) and have therefore been through this process as a co-author six times. I have also seen what provides the most value to the authors and have put together a program that will do a lot more than put books in your hands.

My team and I are very experienced at book publishing. Some of our previous titles include: Image Power Image, Executive Image Power, Executive Etiquette Power, Inspired Style, Direct Selling Power, Incredible Life, Get Organized Today, Style, My Way, Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Woman Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Socially Smart and Savvy, Make Your Connections Count, The Power of Civility and Savvy Leadership Strategies for Women. You can find out more about these books by visiting Thrive’s website: http://www.thrivebooks.com


How big will the book be?

Approximately 6” by 9”, with at least 225 pages. The exact number of pages will not be determined until the layout is complete.


Can I add graphics to my chapter?

Yes, an additional $20.00 per graphic for the layout will apply (after the first two), plus all illustrations must be done by our designer who will charge you a separate, nominal fee. If you have existing illustrations, she can adapt them to the book style so that all illustrations have a consistent look.


Who holds the copyright on the book?

You hold the copyright to all the content in your chapter. You can use your existing writing to comprise your chapter and later you can expand your chapter into your own book. You can do whatever you want with your content. I will hold the copyright only on the book in its entirety.


What about e-book and Kindle® versions?

Yes, there will be e-book and Kindle versions that you can sell on your website, sell at your programs or even send to your clients as a value-added gift. There are many ways to use the electronic versions to promote your business. You keep 100% of the revenue you generate from your e-book and Kindle sales.


Thank you for your interest in this project.

If you would like to participate – do not wait. Your application and agreement must be submitted online ASAP to ensure the chapter topic you want to write about is still available.

Investment Schedule

As part of completing the application online you will be asked to set up a payment schedule. Should you not be approved as a co-author any monies paid will be promptly returned.

Here are the payment options available to you.

Pay in Full of $4000.00

Four payments of $1000.00 (over 4 months)

Five payments of $800.00 (over 5 months)

Six payments of $675.00 (over 6 months) – ($50.00 surcharge payment included)

Payments can be made by check, or credit card and spread over three to six months. All check payments must be sent in advance and are kept in the safe for monthly deposit.

 We begin May 1, and you will have your book before 2013 is done.

Make A Decision.

Expect Success.

Then e-mail me and let me know you are in!

… after that, it’s all just details, and the real fun begins.

 If there’s something we haven’t covered, and you need to know more, please contact Caterina at Thrive Publishing now.

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